Our Studio

We are a games development studio nearby Frankfurt, Germany, led by veteran leadership with proven expertise in PC strategy games. Envision Entertainment may be seen as the rebirth of Phenomic Game Development (later: EA Phenomic) since our 20-strong team comprises many ex-Phenomic employees. Our team members are responsible for critically acclaimed games like SpellForce, BattleForge, Lord of Ultima, C&C: Tiberium Alliances and mobile game Path of War.

Our Management

Our core founding team exists of highly qualified veteran game developers. We have shipped 50+ games and represent more than 120 years of games industry experience. Dirk Ringe serves as CEO, while game design mastermind Volker Wertich (best known for the iconic “The Settlers” series) holds the position as Creative Director. Most recently, Art Director Timm Schwank , known for his work on games like The Surge at Deck13, has joined the team.

Our Vision

In our games the fun arises from deep yet easily graspable rules that enable a series of interesting choices. Strong strategy meta gameplay enhances the short-term build-up fun and offers a scope for the player, an enticing perspective of development and growth. Envision games are built to last for years; they are places that gamers return to frequently to find new challenges and meet like-minded people.

Our Expertise

Envision Entertainment is a world class online strategy game developer with tons of experience. Our key personnel have shipped a number of high budget online and offline strategy and simulation games and learned all the tricks of the trade from their own successes – and their own mistakes.

Our Development Focus

We are capable to develop on mobile, browser, PC and console platforms. Our lead platform is the PC, a platform well established and favoured by many strategy fans.